Anglesey Boat Trips

Covid-19 Seawake Policy

Plan of action

An organised programme of measures to be taken in order to achieve goal of operating safe, enjoyable and entertaining boat trips! We take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone around us. This information pack is subject to change and any revision will be published immediately.

To book your boat trip

To book a boat trip please either contact us on 01248 716335 or visit our book online, click HERE.

On the day of your boat trip

We ask that you please DO NOT bring excessive bags and belongings with you, these will not be stored in the kiosk whilst you are out on your trip.

Unfortunately, we will also not be able to provide waterproof jackets at this time, so it is your responsibility to bring warm suitable clothing for your group!

  1. While social distancing is still being advised we will be restricting passenger numbers to each vessel, unless you are one family group
    Discovery = 8 people
    The Beast = 6 people
    Blackjack = 4 people
  2. Joining instructions for RIB trips will be the same as normal, at the booking kiosk at Beaumaris pier LL58 8BS – there will be all the social distancing precautions taken here, with alcohol hand gel available and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer to say that you and your family are not showing signs of covid -19
  3. Payments, we ask where possible for you to have prepaid for trips either by bacs, PayPal or over the phone card payments – we will accept cash where this is not possible.
  4. 20 minutes prior to your trip you will be asked to meet the skipper at the end of the pier – he will call you down to the pontoon.
  5. Please ensure that you discard of any litter e.g coffee cups before going onto the pontoon as there is no bin.
  6. We have purchased: (These will be made available to all passengers, following government guidelines)
    • Clear plastic face visors
    • Set of plastic disposable gloves
    • We will have hand gel available
    • Life jacket
    We will ask you to put on the visor and gloves before we help you with the lifejacket.
  7. After your safety briefing by the skipper you will be embarking on the vessel (below is a diagram of how this will be done on Discovery) disembarking will be in reverse.
    Pax 6Pax 5Pax 4 Skipper
    Pax 1Pax 2Pax 3
  8. Once your trip has finished and you are back at the pontoon, disembarking will take place once the skipper is happy that there is plenty of room on the pontoon for 2m social distancing.
  9. Once on the pontoon it will be your responsibility to remove gloves and face masks and placing in the bin provided and plastic visors will be put into a box with disinfectant to soak.


As a business we continue to maintain to all required licences to operate safely within the law and MCA code of practice.

Our duty of care hasn’t changed, we will continue to strive for the most enjoyable and safe time whilst you are spending time with us.

During the Covid – 19 pandemic it is ultimately our own responsibility to ensure our own safety and that of people around us, please be thoughtful and considerate to other pier/vessel users.

General and deep cleaning

Each vessel will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes in between each trip.

Deep cleaning at the end of each day will be carried out as our SOP’s and each vessel will be left ready for the next day!

Plastic visors will be cleaned thoroughly and left to dry overnight.


During this time whilst we are working at reduced numbers, there may be a price increase to cover costs – depending on which trip and the length all prices will be made known at the time of booking.